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Network resources

  • ASN: 65205
  • IPv6: 2001:678:688::/48
  • IPv4:

Prefixes from these netblocks are announced in the mesh:

Netblock(s) Description Contact
2001:678:688::/48 Our Provider Independent IPv6 address block, allocated by the RIPE NCC on 2018-04-25 via proxy LIR Coloclue. Imre Jonk - Freifunk, the German mesh network. We are connected through InterCity-VPN ( See - Dutch part of AMPRNet, only accessible to registered amateur radio operators. Also announced on the Internet. HAMNET Nederland - Belgian part of AMPRNet. Announced by Wireless Belgiƫ, also on the Internet. Note: although routing updates work, forwarding is broken right now. You probably want to filter this route. Read the announcements on the mailing list for developments. Wireless Belgiƫ - dn42, a big dynamic VPN. Dynamic Network 42 - ChaosVPN, used to connect European hackerspaces. Announced through dn42. See

Please update the table above if you are going to announce a new prefix, and give a heads up on the mailing list. This gives the rest of us time to update our filters.

Allocate your subnet here, then add a zonefile to the 020_dns repository so reverse and forward dns will work, alternatively setup your own authoritative dns for the forward and reverse zones, and add it to the forwarders file in 020_dns repo

Subnet Addresses Name 256 available 256 available 256 available 256 available 512 available 256 DWK 256 GWL 512 available 256 available 256 Kalium DHCP 256 LAG 256 testmesh 256 available 256 WG terrein 4096 ADM 512 hemelvaart 64 sof 64 interconnectionnet 64 available 64 available 256 available 512 available 256 binnenpret 256 binnenpret 2048 nieuwland 4096 available 16384 batman-adv 16384 available 8192 available 4096 available 2048 available 1024 available 256 Tinc VPN 256 routers 256 available 256 transfernet

Tinc VPN is the subnet of our Tinc mesh VPN, used for redundancy and nodes that don't have a wireless connection to the rest of the network.

Allocate addresses in the 020_dns repository:

Routers is for /32 loopback addresses.

Allocate addresses in the 020_dns repository:

Transfernet is for /29 wireless point-to-point links.

Allocate subnets in the 020_dns repository:

Protocols used

We use BGP to peer with other networks, and (mainly) OSPF for internal routing.

BGP peers

See peering.