It would be nice to do some meshes to be able to access the network (dualband routers with mesh on both bands and access on 2.4 + 2.4 ghz only routers to keep it very cheap).

We have a test mesh:

ssids: (2.4ghz) bssid: 12:CE:69:22:92:E9 (5ghz) bssid: 1E:14:73:CD:43:5F 2.4 and 5, where clients can connect and will get address with dhcp

It is running batman-adv, a layer2 routing protocol( )

To join (as a router):
iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc essid ap 12:CE:69:22:92:E9 #not all wireless cards work fine with ad-hoc, atheros usually does work fine.
ifconfig wlan0 up
batctl if add wlan0
brctl addif accessbr bat0 #accessbr is a bridge with all the interfacess clients connect to (like the access.squesh interface)

Check if you have neigbours with: batctl o
Routers (not all meshing or doing anything yet):

4x WA7510N   ath9k 5ghz
1x WRT160NL  ath9k
1x TL-WR740N ath9k 
1x wl-500g premium
1x computer (trashbat) with usb RTL8188CUS


Stuff to look at:


Mesh routing proto's:


router firmware:
quickmesh project:
gluon (batman-adv used by some freifunk projects):