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Network resources

  • ASN: 65205
  • Subnet:
We need to get some ripe addresses, atm there is no V6 configured

Allocate your subnet here, then add a zonefile to the 020_dns repository so reverse and forward dns will work, alternatively setup your own authoritative dns for the forward and reverse zones, and add it to the forwarders file in 020_dns repo

SubnetAddressesName 256 available 256 BBS 256 BBS 256 available 512 available 256 DWK 256 GWL 256 available 256 WFC 256 strongswantest 256 Kalium DHCP 256 available 256 testmesh 256 256 WG terrein 4096 ADM 512 hemelvaart 512 available 512 available 256 available 256 tristor-net 2048 nieuwland 4096 available 16384batman-adv available available available available Tinc VPN routers available transfernet

Tinc VPN is the subnet of our Tinc mesh VPN, used for redundancy and nodes that don't have a wireless connection to the rest of the network.

Allocate addresses in the 020_dns repository:

Routers is for /32 loopback addresses.

Allocate addresses in the 020_dns repository:

Transfernet is for /29 wireless point-to-point links.

Allocate subnets in the 020_dns repository:

Protocols used

We use BGP to peer with other networks, and (mainly) OSPF for internal routing.

BGP peers

See peering.


  • tld is now 020. , maybe change that to something that starts with a letter like amsw?
  • ns1.020 = = stanleyH
  • ns2.020 = = duja
  • add your hosts to /etc/bind/db.020 on stanleyH